Mecca for the Olympic Games–Greece Olympic

Starting from the 18th century, one group after another ~ scholar’s pounding here, visit and look for relics of the ancient Olympic Games. ]766 year, British Chandler first discovered the ruins of the Temple of Zeus. Since then, experts, large-scale exploration and excavation of the site of Olympia systems, between 1881 and made much of the ancient Olympic Games of precious cultural relics and historical data. After ll of the 1936 Olympic Games, because some balance, the International Olympic Committee decided to use the AO continued to discover the site of Olympia, discovered and restored to the stadium.
Site of Olympia is about 520 meters long North-South width of 400 meters, the Center is Artis Dominion, is the place where sacrifice for the Zeus, from discovering information, only 200 meters long and 175 metres wide. Dominion’s main building is the Temple of Zeus and Hera, in addition to the homes, treasure, hotels and administrative buildings, and so on. This lasted for more than 1000 years of ancient ruins, still a sport. The Holy Land “, each session of the Olympic flame, lit in here. When the Olympic movement sweeping the globe, youth gathering ~ when the five continents. People will automatically think of the ancient Olympic Games, thought the Holy of Olympia.
In ancient Greece, people attach great importance to sports and believe ~ individuals not only the wisdom of the mind, and also to have a strong body. From 776 BC, Greece man games are held every 4 years. Original games just to commemorate a religious celebration of Zeus, event location is in Olympia. Events include running, jumping, wrestling, discus, Javelin, boxing and horse racing, competition winner gets the Crown of Wild olive, which is a great honor, hero would welcome. The ancient Olympic Games for more than 1000 years, until 394 ad is then ruled Greece by the Romans.
Have a special project in all events at the Olympics–a marathon.
In 490 BC, in military towns in Eastern Athens Marathon, a war vehemently. fighting party, was on an expedition to the Persian army, and the other, not to mention defending Greece army. 5 days of continuous fighting, Greece soldiers forget eating and sleeping, Yun to confuse day and night, they had reached the physical limits, hatred is the strength and support of their war to last · · · · · · Suddenly, coach sipierdong found the enemy position up a white flag, then all the soldiers saw him, they chanted … For now, most needs to be done should be sent a message to Athens as soon as possible, know the news of the victory of the ruling King and people. Sipierdong think.
Prior to the battle, in order to defeat the invaders, he has ordered the destruction of all transportation equipment, leaving ~ horse, it seems, has had to find someone to run back to Bordeaux. He found courage and wit, good at long distance running Felix the horse soldiers, ordered to send commands, Felix the horse ran, he felt no strength, but the legs are still mechanically move, he ran, only a thought. Quick, run to Athens, broke the news to everyone,. He did not know how long I ran · · · · ·.
Morning, when dawn when Hui-Ming, of Athens came under the dark shadow of war, the early people found the square lay in military clothing tattered, and smoke all over Greece soldiers. Heard around noisy of vocals, Sergeant forced picked up head, shouted out has a sentence words ° everyone happy’s, we victory’s t • also effort to do with potential, crowd jubilant has! Dang ruling King rushed came, Filet Mignon horse have Republika never woke up, 5 a day and night of fighting, plus tension of run, he even is a iron man, also cannot again woke up came, for, has Memorial the hero, sent stems from Greece of Olympic Games ad hoc has a running project ~ Marathon game.

The assassination of President Lincoln

The assassination of President Lincoln

Friday, April 14, 1865, at night, in the hardships and crises through the four-year brutal civil war President Abraham Lincoln, and finally five days ago ushered in the Yugoslav army, General Lee surrendered to General grant in the North the victory message, President’s high-strung nerves suddenly relaxed, and interest was the Highlands came to Ford’s theater in Washington. 10:15, the murderer sneaked into no guards of the President’s box, behind the Lincoln less than two feet away, using a large-caliber handgun opened fire on the President’s head, after Lincoln was shot down in front. The next morning, Abraham Lincoln died.
Killer was a man named booth (John Wilkes Booth), a well-known actor. He fled after the assassination of Lincoln, said on April 26, the murderer was killed in flight. In the killer’s carriage, found a lot of code written letters and some item of da·benjieming King of Judah, Judas was war Minister in the southern Government, and later Secretary of State, and financial elites in the South, because he and TIFFs with large bankers of Europe. He later fled to the United Kingdom. Lincoln is widely regarded as a massive conspiracy. Lincoln’s Cabinet members may be involved in the conspiracy, New York and Philadelphia banker, the South’s top government officials, the New York newspaper publishers and the militants in the North.
A widespread theory is that booth was not killed, but was released and later buried corpse is his accomplice. Powerful aidewen·sitandun, Minister of war (Edwin Stanton) covered up the truth. I first heard this, this is a ridiculous conspiracy theory. However, when a large number of secret documents to the Secretary of war in the mid 1930 of the 20th century, after it has been decrypted, historians were surprised to find, highly consistent truth and folklore.
Is the first in-depth study of such amazing resources historian aotuo·aisensimo (Otto Eisenschiml), he published why Lincoln was assassinated? Vibrations of the historians at the time. Later, Theodore Roscoe (Theodore Roscoe) published a more extensive study, he pointed out that:
19th century a large number of historical research about Lincoln events, Ford’s theatre of tragedy described more like a display of a big Opera … … Only a few people look at it as a murder: Lincoln died in the hands of a reckless criminal … … Criminals get a classic legal punishment; conspiracy theories are smothered; virtue eventually won, Lincoln “belong to the past.”
However, the assassination of explanation is not satisfactory also unconvincing. Facts show that the death of Lincoln-related criminals have been at large. [2]
Killer’s granddaughter Yi Zuola (Izola Forrester) in her memoir, this crazy action (This One MadAct) mentions that she found the “Golden Circle Knights” (Knights of the Golden Circle), secretly recorded by the Government carefully, in a document library, and was Secretary of war aidewen·sitandun classified material. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, no one is allowed access to these files. As Yi Zuola and booth’s blood relations, as well as her status as a professional writer, she eventually became the first scholar to access these materials. She says in the book:
These mysterious old packages, was hidden in the store “conspiracy trial” monuments and exhibitions in a safety deposit box in a corner of the room. If it is not five years ago, I knelt in (the room), reading the information seen on the ground in the safe side, I might never find them (classified documents).
(File) associated with my grandfather. I knew he was a member of a secret organization, this organization is for the peak profits (Bickley) established “gold circle Knights”. I have a he (grandfather) photos, is to join them, according to the, and all of them wearing full uniforms, this photo is from my grandmother’s Bible came out … … I remember my grandmother said that her husband (Booth) is the “other tools”. [3]
“Golden Circle Knights” and New York financial forces is what kind of relationship? Lincoln within the Government how many people were involved in the plot to assassinate Lincoln? Study of Lincoln’s assassination how long-term systematic deviation from the correct direction? And 100 years after the JFK Assassination of Lincoln’s assassination is similar, also is a large organization and coordination, a full range of evidence to block systematic investigation of misleading, the truth is always hidden in a dense fog of history.
To understand Lincoln’s true motives and plots, we must act with a lot of history to examine the United States since its founding, elected Governments and money power in controlling the currency of the national strategy on the high ground of the right repeatedly and bloody battle.

The Rothschild financial Empire

The Rothschild financial Empire

As long as your brothers together, no bank in the world to be able to compete with you, hurt you, or benefit from you. Together, you will have bigger than any bank in the world’s power.
–Letter to Nathan Davidson on June 24, 1814
Before the old Rothschild died in 1812, made a heavily guarded will:
(1) all hold positions of responsibility in the family Bank must come from internal staff for the family, not by outsiders. Only male family to participate in the family business.
(2) family marriages can only take place between cousins to prevent dilution and outflow of wealth. (This requirement is strictly enforced in the early and later relax with other Jewish banking families intermarried. )
(3) an absolute ban on public property.
(4) in terms of inheritance, an absolute ban on lawyer’s intervention.
(5) every eldest son as the leader of the House, only the family agreed, can choose another son to take over.
Anyone who violates the will, you will lose all right of inheritance.
There is a saying in China, brother of concentric, their sharpness can cut through metal. Rothschild family through family marriages strictly to prevent dilution and outflow of wealth. In the more than 100 years, intermarriage family 18, 16 of them in the first cousins
It is estimated that around the year 1850, the Rothschild family has accumulated the equivalent of US $ 6 billion in total wealth, if at a 6% rate, today, after more than 150 years, their family assets for at least $ 50 trillion.
Closely of family control, completely not transparent of black box operation, like watches General precise of coordination, forever early Yu market of information gets, outright of cold reason, endless of money desire, and based on this all of on money and wealth of deep insight and genius of foreseen force, makes Ross Rothschild family in more than 200 years financial, and political and war of cruel vortex in the invincible, established has a so far human history Shang most huge of financial Empire.
By the early 20th century, controlled by the Rothschild family’s fortune is estimated at up to half the world’s total wealth at the time.
Rothschild family Bank in major cities in Europe, they have their own intelligence gathering and transfer system, even European Royal and noble in need quickly and secretly transmit information, were conducted through their system. They also initiated the international financial system, making use of its control of the World Gold market, they were first set up in the family banking system without the physical transport of gold accounts settlement system.
In this world, but there was nobody better than the Rothschild family to understand the real meaning of gold. In 2004 when the Rothschild family announced its withdrawal from the London gold price system, they are quietly away from the future world the center of unprecedented financial turmoil, distancing their relationship with gold. Debt dollar economic and dangerous world currency system, as well as the world reserve system is likely to face a settlement only has negligible gold reserves accumulated wealth of Asian countries, will be “reassigned” for future winners. Hedge funds will strike again, only this time the object will no longer be the pound and Asian currencies, but the pillar dollar in the world economy.
For bankers, the war is great news. Because various expensive peacetime slow depreciation facilities and items will be instantly destroyed in the war, the warring parties will to win at all costs, at the end of the war, regardless of winning or losing is deep into banks by the Government debt trap. At the Bank of England was founded 121 years of the Napoleonic wars (1694~1815), the United Kingdom, 56 years at war, half of their remaining time in preparation for the next battle.
Instigated and financed the war in line with the fundamental interests of bankers, the Rothschilds are no exception, from France almost all modern wars of revolution to World War II behind nearly all their shadows. Rothschild is the major Western developed countries ‘ largest creditors. Old lady Rothschild (Gutle Schnaper) before his death said: “if my son does not want war, and that nobody loves war. ”
The middle of the 19th century, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and other European currency powers for the major industrial countries are falling into the Rothschild family’s control of the “sacred monarchy was replaced by the sacred money.” At this point, Atlantic, beautiful and prosperous city, already fallen into their vision of America.

Under the Rothschild coat of arms of Germany and Italy

Under the Rothschild coat of arms of Germany and Italy

Since Napoleon out of Germany after the withdrawal, Germany by over more than 300 loose feudal country into more than 30 more than larger countries, and the establishment of the Federal. Left the Frankfurt Rothschild laodaamusiluo was appointed as the first Finance Minister of the German, 1822 Austria seal of the emperor for the Baron. Rothschild Bank in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial center. Due to amusiluo the childless, for lifelong regret, so fall for rising star support. One young man who won the amusiluo favorite is the later world famous modern Germany iron Chancellor Bismarck.
Amusiluo with Bismarck almost like father and son, after the death of amusiluo, Bismarck and the Rothschild family remained in close contact. Bankers behind Bismarck buleikelaode (Samuel Bleichroder) agent of the Rothschild family
Old four Carl is one of the most mediocre in the five Rothschild brothers, served as the family’s main Messenger, passing information exchanges across Europe and help other brothers. Help five younger brothers in France 1818 treasuries after a brilliant victory in the battle, Carl was in charge of the House’s three geneisen sent Italy established the Bank of Naples. He was in Italy is demonstrated beyond the capacity of other expected. Carl not only financed the Metternich sent to Italy to suppress revolutionary army, and with remarkable political skill to force Italy local Government bear the cost of the occupying forces. He helped friends maidiqi planning and recaptured Naples, serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Karl gradually becomes Italy financial pillar of the Court, influential throughout Italy peninsula. He also established commercial relations of the Holy See and the Vatican when Pope Gregory 16 saw him, exceptional hand made Karl Kiss, and not, as usual, put out his foot.

Solomon at Austria

Solomon at Austria
There is no war and peace in the eyes of them (the Rothschild family), there is no slogan and declaration, nor sacrifice or honor, they ignore the things that confuse the eyes of the world. They saw only a stepping stone. Prince William is one, the next is Metternich.
– Merton Frederic
Solomon is the second of Rothschild’s home, the perennial shuttle between major cities in Europe, as the family of the coordination between the various banks. He has outstanding diplomatic skills in brothers, speak exquisite wording, a compliment. A Solomon and had dealings with the banker once commented: “no one left him was not refreshed.” It is for this reason that the brothers elected him to Vienna to open up the European heart of China banking.
Vienna was the political center of Europe, almost all of the royal family in Europe and Austria of the Habsburg empire countless relation. As the Habsburg holy Rome Empire (1806 breakup) royal rule including, now in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, northern Italy, Holland, Czech, Luxemburg, Slovenia and eastern France for more than 400 years, is Europe’s oldest and most authentic Royal blood.
Although the war Napoleon defeated the Holy Rome Empire, but its successor to central Austria still leading itself, disdain for other royal. In addition to its Orthodox Catholic doctrine, and the British law and other new teaching in the country to be more rigid, and so the noble family to deal with, than with Prince William more noble. Although the Rothschild family had several times to the Habsburg and establish business relations, the royal family has always been blocked in the circle, nor.
When Napoleon after the end of the war, Solomon again at the door of Vienna, the situation is completely different. The Rothschild family has become a famous family in Europe, with the spirit of the conquest of Britain and France, emboldened enough a lot. Despite this, Solomon also do not venture to direct and Habsburg people talk about business, but to find a piece of “stepping stone”, he is reputed nineteenth Century Europe’s foreign minister Metternich of Austria (Klemensvon Metternich).
After the defeat of Napoleon in Europe, the Vienna system led by the establishment of the system to maintain the longest period of peace in Europe in nineteenth Century. The unfavorable situation in Austria Metternich and the decline of potential enemies, to balance the essence of play to the extreme. He used the remnants of the Royal Habsburg in European orthodox appeal, hold neighboring Prussia and Russia consisting of the holy alliance, contain the French and Russian expansion to stage a comeback, restlessness, also formed a mechanism for joint suppression of domestic nationalism and liberalism, to ensure that the territory of Austria ethnic separatist forces do not spin out of control.
1818 Aachen meeting is to discuss the future of Europe after the defeat of Napoleon, an important meeting, from the British, Russian, Austrian, general, law and other countries on behalf of the French war claims and the withdrawal of allies and other issues. Solomon and his brother, Carle, attended the meeting. It was at this meeting, Metternich’s right hand Jens (Gentz) introduced, Solomon met Metternich, and soon Metternich and become the talk about friends. On the one hand Solomon clever and judicious praise that Metternich is extremely useful, on the other hand, Metternich also want to rely on the Rothschild family’s strong wealth, the two hit it off, and Solomon Jenkins is iron to.
In Metternich and Keith’s recommendation, and Rothschild and Prince William and the Danish royal family close business relationship, the Habsburg tall wall was finally over Solomon. The royal family began to be fixed and frequently to Solomon’s bank loans and financing, Solomon soon became a circle of people”. In 1822, Rothschild of Habsburg granted four brothers (except Nathan) the title of baron.
Under Solomon’s strong support, Metternich began to expand Austria’s influence, to send troops to trouble areas to defend peace, so that the original strength of Austria fell into a deeper debt mire, and thus more dependent on Solomon’s silver box. 1814~1848 years of Europe is known as the “Metternich era”, and in fact controlled Metternich is behind the Rothschild bank.
In 1822, Metternich, Jens and Solomon, James, Carle three brothers participated in the important Verona Conference (Congress Verona). After the meeting, Rothschild bank has received a huge interest in funding the first European Railway project. Austria people increasingly felt the influence of Rothschild, people began to smile “Austria has an emperor and a Solomon king ferdinand”. In 1843, Solomon acquired V kovice Mining Inc and what has ever become Austria Hungary smelting company, the two companies are among the world’s ten largest heavy industry company.
By 1848, Solomon has become the master of Austria’s financial and economic.

James conquered France

James conquered France
When a government depends on banker’s money, to grasp the situation would be a banker and leaders of the government is not, because to money hand is always higher than that of money hands. Money no country, financiers do not know what is patriotism and noble, their sole purpose is to profit.
Napoleon’s fifth sons, James, in the reign of Rothschild, mainly between London and Paris, the establishment of family transportation network to the British cargo. After helping the Wellington delivery of gold and British Treasury takeover battle in France, James fame. He founded the Rothschild Bank of Paris, and secretly funded the Spanish revolution.
In 1817, after his defeat at Waterloo. France lost vast territory of the Napoleonic wars, political limits to contain the situation, the national economy is increasingly depressed. Louis eighteen of the government around the loan, hoping to gradually gain a foothold in the financial. A bank of France and the UK bank of Bahrain has been a large number of the financing of the project, and eminent Rothschild bank is minglasunshan, James so angry.
By 1818, the government of Paris and other European cities have seen a rise in government bonds issued in the previous year, the French government has tasted the sweetness of the two banks to finance. Rothschild’s brother has no interest in the least. Originally, French nobles self-reliance parentage, noble descent, feel the Rothschilds but is a country bumpkin upstart, do not want to do business with them. Although James in Paris ostentatious, luxury clothes, but social status is not high, proud of the French aristocracy that James enraged.
James immediately and several other brothers began to plan the scheme of the French nobility. And the French aristocracy arrogant but not smart, but underestimated the Rothschilds excel in financial strategy and tactics, the strategist, winning thousands of miles of not less than Napoleon’s accomplishments in the military.
In November 5, 1818, the French government bonds has been steady rise suddenly started quite unusual to decline. Soon, the government’s other bonds have begun to be affected, the price of a different degree of decline. Market investors began to There were many discussions. Over time, the situation has not improved, but worse [24]. The exchange of discussions has gradually evolved into four. Some say Napoleon may be on stage again, and some say that the government’s fiscal revenue is not enough to pay back the interest.
Louis eighteen of the internal atmosphere is also quite nervous, bond if continue to decline sharply, the government will not raise the cost of future. Proud nobles face filled with sad, everyone is worried about the future of this country. Only two people on the side they are look coldly from the sidelines at James and his brother, Carle.
Because English lesson, slowly people began to doubt the Rothschild family in the manipulation of stock market. The actual situation is so. Starting in October 1818, the Rothschild family began with its strong financial backing, in Europe, the big cities quietly eat French bonds, French bonds gradually appreciated. Then, from the beginning of November 5th, they suddenly in Europe, while the volume of sales of French bonds, resulting in a great panic in the market.
Seeing their bond prices as free fall general slide into the abyss, Louis XVIII think his crown also subsequently and went to. At this point, the court Lee Rothschild family agent to the king counselled, why not let Fu Jia Tianxia Rothschild bank try to remedy the situation? The Louis eighteen to be anxious and preoccupied can not attend the royal status, immediately summoned the James brothers. The atmosphere changed, ignored for a long time James brothers everywhere was surrounded by smiling face and respect.
Sure enough, James brothers, a shot to stop the collapse of the bonds, they became the center of the French, after the French military defeat, they saved France from the economic crisis! Praise and flowers to the James brothers intoxicated, even their clothes style has become a popular fashion style. Their banks have become the place where people are competing for loans.
Thus, the Rothschild family completely control the French finance.
“Rothschild James’s wealth reached 600000000 francs. In France there is only one person whose wealth is more than he, and that is the king of France, whose wealth is 800000000 francs. The wealth of all the other French bankers is still less than 150000000 francs by James. This natural wealth gives him the indescribable power, even to the time can let the government cabinet collapse degree. For example, the government is as everyone knows he overturned the thiers.”

Nathan dominates the city of London

Nathan dominates the city of London
They (the Rothschild family) is the master of the money market in the world, of course, is the master of almost all other things. They actually own the assets of the entire southern Italy area of financial revenue, and the kings and ministers of all countries in the region are listening to their teachings.
London is a large London area center of an area of only 2.6 square kilometers, since eighteenth Century has been the UK and the world’s financial center, it has an independent judicial system, and the Vatican is very similar, quite like a country. This tiny gathered, including the headquarters of the Bank of England, the world’s major financial institutions, created today’s UK GDP 1 / 6. Who dominates the city of London, who is in control of the uk.
Nathan first came to Britain in the British confrontation, mutual blockade. British goods in Europe selling price is very high, Nathan began and in France’s brother James teamed up with the goods smuggled out from England to France changed hands, from earned a lot of money. Later Nathan met Harris John, the British Treasury, to hear the British army in Spain’s predicament. The British commander of the Duke of Wellington was already well prepared in the attack, the only problem is the lack of pay. The Duke of Wellington despite the British government guarantees, but his worn out the tongue twisters is also difficult to convince bankers in Spain and Portugal to accept bank notes he took, the Duke of Wellington’s army is in urgent need to gold.
Nathan is determined to suddenly have a brain wave in this matter, made a lot of money. He asked about the source of gold, just the East India Company have a number of gold just shipped from India, ready to sell, and the British government also want to buy, but think the price is too high, want to wait for the price of gold fell to buy. Nathan touched the situation, immediately took him to Britain to fight the world’s 3000000 dollars in cash and the amount of money they have to earn a lot of money to buy British goods, the first and the East India Company traded, the purchase of 800000 pounds of gold [22], and then immediately raise the gold price. The British government saw gold prices do not fall down, the military and most urgent, only from the hands of Nathan in high priced purchase. This transaction allows Nathan to earn a pot full of.
But Nathan will continue to play a lianhuanji, he also proposed to escort this batch of gold to the Duke of Wellington’s army. At that time, France had a close blockade on the UK, the risk of this trip, the British government is willing to pay a high price to transport the gold. After you get the job, Nathan allowed his 19-year-old brother James informed the French government, Nathan to be shipped gold to the French and the British government may can be angry, because the stream of gold to France will greatly weaken the financial capacity of Britain. France has such a good thing, there is no strong support of the truth, immediately ordered the French police to protect the way, a way to release. See individual French officials have also been bribery tricks, pretend to be ignorant of sth..
So Nathan, who escorted the golden, British and French government support, mighty, strutted into the bank, in Paris, Nathan side to participate in a banquet of the French government, the side quietly sent to the gold in exchange for the Duke of Wellington to accept the gold, God, I do not know ghost not to become aware by Rothschild of the transport network shipped to Spain’s British hands. The way of catching the modern Hollywood movie plot ingenious.
“Rothschild is a great influence on the financial affairs of this place,” said a diplomat in the UK. They are completely around the price of foreign exchange trading in the city of London. As bankers, their power is frightening. When Nathan was angry, the Bank of England was trembling.”
One time, Nathan took his brother Amschel Rothschild bank in Frankfurt from check to the Bank of England exchanged for cash, banks to exchange the bank cheque grounds refused. Nathan flew into a rage, the second day early in the morning. He led a own nine bank clerk, with a large number of the Bank of England’s check and ask for cash gold, only a day makes the Bank of England’s gold reserves decreased significantly. On the second day, Nathan brings more checks, a senior executive of a bank, Nathan also exchange for a few days, Nathan coldly answer: “Bank of England refused to accept my check, why should I do it?” England bank immediately called an emergency meeting, and then the bank’s senior executives were very kind to tell Nathan, the Bank of England in the future will be honored to exchange all the checks of the Bank of Rothschild.
Nathan in the battle of Waterloo won dominance in the city of London, and to master the UK economy. Since then, including the issue of currency and gold prices and other crucial decisions, has been held in the hands of the Rothschild family.

Old Rothschild’s first pot of gold

Old Rothschild’s first pot of gold
On February 23, 1744, Meyer – A – Bauer was born in Frankfurt Jewish ghetto. His father Moses is a flow of the goldsmiths and lenders, all year round in the eastern area to earn a living. When Meyer was born, Mose decided to settle down in Frankfurt. Meyer from childhood to show a remarkable IQ, the father of his great efforts, careful tuning, systematically to teach him about money and lending business knowledge. A few years after the death of Moses, Meyer was only 13 years old in relatives encouragement, come to Hannover European Oppenheimer family bank when the bank apprentice.
Meyer to its extraordinary savvy and diligence quickly mastered the bank operation of various types of specialized skills, in a full seven years of age, he, like a sponge absorbing water absorbing and digested from Britain to all sorts of financial industry of whimsy. Meyer was promoted to junior partner because of the excellent work. In the days when he worked in the bank, he met some of the background of the customer, including the development of a major role in the future of the von Stauffer. It is here, Meyer realized that the money to the government and the king to the king to the personal profit and insurance coefficient is much higher, not only the amount of the loan is much greater, more government tax to do mortgage. This new financial philosophy from the UK, Meyer’s mind.
A few years later, the young Meyer returned to Frankfurt and continued his father’s business. He also changed his name to Rothschild (Rothschild, Rot is Devin’s red, Schild is the meaning of the shield of Devin). When Meyer learned that von Stauffer returned to Frankfurt and works in the palace of Prince William, he immediately thought of using this relationship. When von Stauffer, general Meyer, was very glad to see it again. The general himself is a coin collectors, and Meyer study of money is several generations of ancestral, talking about the ancient coins of all is the familiar, heard straight general enraptured. Mayer would at a very low discount to sell a few pieces of rare coins to the general, soon von I Christopher general put Meiyedang confidant – let the general glad. The scheming Meyer quickly picks up important figures and court. Finally one day, the von I Christopher general introduction, William Prince summoned the Meyer, the original prince himself is a coin collector Mayer used the same means soon let the prince to his favor.
After several times at a low price sold to the prince of rare coins, the prince also feel too embarrassed, he asked Mayer has what it takes to help, Meyer to seize the opportunity to put forward to want to become a court official agent, he finally got his wish. On 21 September 1769, Meyer in his trademark is inlaid on the royal coat of arms, side with gold letters: “m – a Rothschild, HRH Prince William specified agent” [16]. For a time, Meyer’s reputation rose, business is booming.
Prince William himself is a man of wealth in history, in eighteenth Century, the European in order to “rent the military” to other countries to “maintain peace” and famous. He and all the European royal family are closely related, especially like and the British royal family business English because there are many overseas interests, often need to use of troops, and the number of its forces are not sufficient, British made more money, but also rarely default, so Prince William and hit it off. And later in the American War of independence, the German soldiers in Washington, d.. Prince William thus saved the largest royal family in the history of Europe, about 200000000 dollars. No wonder people say he is “Europe’s most cold-blooded loan sharks”.
Engaged in Prince William’s account, Meyer endeavour to put each errand to do perfect, so get the prince’s trust. Soon the French bourgeois revolution 1789~1799 outbreak, the tide of revolution from France gradually to the surrounding the monarchy spread. Prince William began to worry, he is more and more worried that the revolution will resonate in Germany, the mob will loot his wealth. Contrary to the idea of the prince, Meyer was very pleased with the French Revolution, because the panic led to his gold coins business rose. When the revolution was directed at the holy empire of Rome, Germany and the United Kingdom’s trade cut off, the price of imported goods, from the British trafficking in goods to Germany to sell Meyer made a pen.
Meyer has been a very active leader in the Jewish community. “Every Saturday night, when after the end of the synagogue worship Mayer will always invited some of the most intelligent Jewish scholars to his home, they gather together, while slowly drinking wine, while a detailed to discuss some of the things the order until the middle of the night.”
Meyer has a famous saying: “the family will gather together in prayer.” Later, people always make no understanding, is what kind of power to let the people of the Rothschild family, so obsessed with the conquest and power.
By 1800, the Rothschild family had become one of Frankfurt’s richest Jewish families. Meyer also won the title of “imperial Royal agency”, which was awarded by the emperor of Rome in this year. This title has enabled him to be able to pass through the various parts of the Empire, and he would have been exempted from all taxes and taxes on other Jews, and his company would be equipped with weapons.
In 1803, Meyer and Prince William’s relationship is increasingly close, so that the forces of Meyer greatly jump on a level. The thing is, a cousin of Prince William is the king of Denmark, he to Prince William proposed to borrow a sum of money, the Prince William even opulent is unwilling to engage. When Meyer learned about the matter, that is a very good opportunity to propose a solution to the prince, the prince, Meyer come forward to negotiate in the name of Rothschild to the Danish King loan, interest Meyer can be a commission. The prince thought carefully, think it is a good way, not only can not lend money and wealth. For Meyer, lending to the king is his dream of things, not only to get a stable return, but also to enhance the reputation of the great opportunity. The result was a great success. Immediately, and six of the Danish royal family loan through Meyer. Rothschild’s rise to fame, especially in close contact with the royal family he became known in europe.
After the Napoleonic tried to Prince William to his side, Prince William shilly Shally, unwilling to in uncertain situation prior to choose sides, and finally Napoleon announced “to clear away the Heth – Willa Cather (Prince William family) from the list of rulers of Europe”, immediately the French soldiers arrives, Prince William fled into exile in Denmark, fled before, a deal worth $300 million in cash pay [19] for keeping Meyer. Is this $300 million in cash for Meyer brought unprecedented power and wealth, become Mayer casting its financial empire in the first pot of gold.
Meyer has an ambition to build a bank of England! When he got Prince William the money, he began the task. His five sons like five guns were fired at five in the heart of europe. Boss, Amschel guarding Frankfurt headquarters, Dick Solomon to Vienna open up new battlefield, old Nathan was sent to England over the overall situation, four Carl went to Italy in Naples to establish base, and as a messenger between brothers, between the shuttle, Laowu James Chi palm business in Paris.
An unprecedented financial empire in human history has opened the curtain.

Rothschild’s background of the times

Rothschild’s background of the times
A few people who understand the system (check money and credit money) are either very interested in the profit generated by the system, or that it is very much dependent on the charity of the system. On the other hand, the vast majority of the people in the intelligence is not enough to understand the huge advantage of the capital brought about by the system, they will be subjected to oppression and no complaints, and even a little bit will not doubt that the system has hurt their interests.
Old Rothschild’s growth in the industrial revolution in the rapid development of Europe, the era of unprecedented prosperity of the financial industry, the new financial practice and ideas from Holland and the United Kingdom to the whole of Europe radiation. With the establishment of the of England Bank in 1694, a far more complex than in the past, the concept and practice of money is a large number of adventurous bankers created.
In the 100 years of the 17th century, the concept and form of money have undergone profound changes, from 1694 to 1776, Adam Smith’s the wealth of nations “was published, in the history of mankind bank issued notes for the first time over the circulation of metal monetary aggregates [10]. Arising from the industrial revolution to the railway, mining, shipbuilding, machinery, textile, military, energy and other emerging industries unprecedented huge financing needs, and traditional goldsmith Bank of old inefficient and limited financing capacity between the increasingly intense contradictions. The new banker, represented by the Rothschild family, has seized the historic opportunity to take the lead in the history of the modern financial industry, and the fate of all the other people, and the fate of all the other people, had to be decided by this system.
Make the British Treasury empty since 1625 twice civil war and political unrest, 1689 William world entered the British (married Mary, the daughter of King James II to the throne) due to his face is a mess, and he and King Louis XIV is war, the William a world around for money, almost hungry. At this time, to Paterson William (Paterson William), led by the bank to the king put forward a new concept: the establishment of a private central bank, England bank, to finance the king’s huge expenses.
The private bank to the government to provide 120 million pounds in cash as the government’s “permanent debt” (perpetual loan), 8% per annum, an annual management fee for 4000 pounds, this year the government want to spend 10 million pounds can immediately raised to 120 million pounds in cash, but also can forever without debt money! Of course, the government should also provide more “good”, which is to allow the Bank of England exclusive issuing bank certificates (Note Bank).
For a long time, people know that the goldsmith banker (goldsmith banker) the most profitable is the issue of bank notes, the bank note is actually savers deposited gold at the goldsmiths for safekeeping receipt. Due to carry a lot of gold is very inconvenient, we began to trade in receipt of gold coins, then from the goldsmith exchange the corresponding gold. For a long time, people always feel no need to access the goldsmith gold, then these receipts gradually became the currency. Smart goldsmith bankers gradually found every day, only a few people to take the gold, they began to quietly issuing receipts to lend to the needs of people’s money and charge interest, when the debt with a promissory repaid with interest on arrears, Goldsmith bankers recovered IOU and then quietly destroyed, as if nothing had happened, but the interest has firmly installed into his own pocket. A goldsmith bank receipt circulation range more widely, the higher the degree of acceptance, the greater the profit. The circulation and acceptance of bank bonds issued by the Bank of England is not comparable to other banks, which is the national currency, which is recognized by the state.
The cash capital of the Bank of England is to be recruited to the community, and it is eligible to be a director of the Bank of England (Governor) for 2000 pounds. A total of 1330 people became shareholders of the Bank of England, 14 people became director of the bank, including Paterson William.
In 1694, the British king William, a world awarded the Royal Charter of the Bank of England (Charter Royal), the first modern bank was born.
The core idea of the Bank of England is to convert the king and the members of the royal family into a permanent debt of the country, with the national tax as collateral, the Bank of England to issue debt based national currency. As a result, the king money fight or enjoy the government money doing what you love to do things bankers released they so desperately huge loans and substantial interest income, seems to be a happy situation, only tax the people into the collateral. With this powerful new financial instrument, the British government’s deficit has risen, from 1670 to 1685, the British government’s fiscal revenue is 24800000 pounds. From 1685 to 1700, government revenues more than doubled, to 55700000 pounds, but the British government borrowing from the Bank of England from 1700 to 1685 soared more than 17 times, from 800000 pounds rose to 13800000 pounds.
Even better, the design of the national currency issue and permanent national debt deadlock. To add a new currency would have to increase the national debt, which is to destroy the national currency, the market will have no money in circulation, so the government will never be able to pay off the debt. Due to the repayment of interest and economic development needs, is bound to lead to greater monetary demand, the money also to bank borrowing, bonds will always continue to increase, and the debt interest income fall all the banker’s purse, interest expense is by people’s taxes to burden!
As expected, from now on, the British government has not paid off the debt, by the end of 2005, the British government debt from 1694’s 1200000 pounds increased to 525900000000 pounds, accounting for 42.8% of the UK GDP. [14]
In view of this, in order to such a huge sum of money, if there is anyone who dares to block the road of privatization of state banks, cut a king’s head, or the assassination of the risk of a plurality of president, is really worth to take a.

Rothschild Napoleon of the Triumphal Arch and Waterloo

Rothschild Napoleon of the Triumphal Arch and Waterloo
Nathan is the third son of old Rothschild, and five brothers in the most daring one. In 1798, he was sent to England from Frankfurt to the UK to develop the Rothschild family’s banking business. Nathan is a conniving, decisive act from bankers, no one really knows his inner world. With amazing talent and unpredictable financial means, to 1815, he has become a London bank oligarchs come first on the list.
Nathan’s brother Amschel in Frankfurt to take care of the Rothschild family bank headquarters (M.A.Rothschildand sons and his brother Solomon in Vienna, Austria established family of another branch of the bank (S.M.Rothschildand sons and his brother Carl Italy Naples established another bank. His fifth son James in Paris, France also has a bank (Messieusde Rothschild Freres). The banking system created by the Rothschild family is the world’s first international banking group. The five brothers are watching closely the 1815 war in europe.
This is a major war with the destiny and future of the continent of Europe. If Napoleon had won the final victory, France would become the master of the continent of Europe. If the Lord Wellington defeated the French army, Na Ying will dominate the European balance of power.
As early as before the war, the Rothschild family was very much a vision to build their own strategic intelligence collection and delivery system. They build up a huge number of secret agents of the network, which is similar to those of strategic intelligence agents known as the “children”. They were deployed to all of Europe’s capitals, major cities, important trading centers and business centers, and various commercial, political and other information in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples. The intelligence of the system efficiency, speed and accuracy is reached breathtaking, far exceeding the speed of any official information network and other commercial competitors is hard to hold a candle. All of this makes the Rothschild bank in almost all international competition in a clear advantage.
“Rothschild bank carriage Benz in Europe) highway, the Rothschild banking boat shuttle between the Strait, the Rothschild bank’s spies all over the (European) city streets, they Chuaizhuo large amounts of cash, bonds, letters and messages, their latest scoop in the stock market and commodity market is quickly spread, but all the news are not the result of the battle of Waterloo is more valuable.”
June 18, 1815, in Brussels, Belgium, on the outskirts of the battle of Waterloo is not only life and death duel between Napoleon and Wellington both of the armies, is tens of thousands of investors in a huge gamble, and the winner will receive unprecedented wealth, the loser would be disastrous. The air of the London stock exchange market tension to the extreme, all the people are anxiously waiting for the outcome of the battle of Waterloo. If the British defeated. British bonds (Consols) prices will be falling into the abyss; if England wins, British government debt will triumph in the skies.
Just two teams quitting the army a bruising fight, the Rothschild’s spies also nervously from the two armies internal collected as accurately as possible all the progress of intelligence. More spies at any time is responsible for the most recent result from Rothschild recently transferred to the battlefield information transfer station. To the evening, Napoleon’s defeat has been set, a named rothworth Rothschild express courier witnessed the situation on the battlefield, he immediately riding a horse toward Brussels, then turn to the port of Ostend. When Ross Woods jumped on a boat with a special pass Rothschild clippers, it was midnight. Then the channel stormy, after paying for the 2000 francs in, he finally found the a sailor rushed to help him through the Strait [5]. When he arrived in England on the Bank of England in the early morning of June 19th, Rothschild Nathan himself was waiting there. Nathan quickly opened the envelope, browse the report title, and then rode straight to the London Stock exchange.
When Nathan walked into the stock exchange, anxious and agitated the crowd is waiting for the battlefield immediately quiet down, all people’s eyes watched Nathan’s expressionless, inscrutable face. At this time, Nathan slowed down the pace, go to their own is called the “Rothschild pillars” on the throne. At this time, his face as the muscles of the stone generally do not have the slightest emotional float. At this time of the trading hall has completely without the hustle and bustle of the past, everyone to their wealth and honor in the eyes of Nathan’s eyes. Paused for a moment, Nathan shouted at camouflage in the side of the Rothschilds traders handed a deep glances, we immediately quietly rushed to trading desk, began to sell British bonds. When a commotion in the hall, some people began to talk, more people stood still at a loss. At this time, equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars to Britain’s public debt was suddenly thrown into the market, bond prices began to decline, and greater left alone like the tide wave than a wave of violent, bond prices began to collapse.
Then Nathan was still on his throne without a look. The trading hall was finally issued exclaimed: “Rothschild knows!” “Rothschild knows!” “Wellington!” All the people immediately like electric shock generally back to the taste, the selling has finally become a panic. When people suddenly lose their sense of reason, follow others’ behavior becomes a kind of self compulsive behavior. Everyone wants to immediately throw hands has no value of British bonds, as much as possible to retain some of the wealth There is not much left. After a few hours of the crazy toss, the British public debt has become a pile of garbage, the face value is only 5%.
Nathan at this time as the beginning, is still indifferent to watch it all. His eyes were slightly flashing in a way that was not in the eyes of a long-term training, but the signal was totally different. Many traders around him immediately jumped on their trading desk, began to buy on the market to see every piece of British government bonds.
June 21, 11 o’clock in the evening, Henry Percy, a messenger of the Lord Wellington finally arrived in London, a message is Napoleon’s army in 8 hours after the bitter was completely defeated, the loss of 1 / 3 of the soldiers, the French finished!
The news Bineisen information late for a whole day! And Nathan in this day inside, Kuangzhuan 20 times the amount of money, more than sum of Napoleon and Wellington in decades of war the wealth!
The battle of Waterloo to Nathan has become one of the UK government’s biggest creditor, thus leading the UK’s future bond issue, the Bank of England was Nathan. British government bonds is the future government tax receipts, the British people to the government to pay all tax obligations and become the Rothschild banking to universal disguised tax. The British government’s fiscal expenditure is to rely on to issue bonds to raise the, in other words, the British government because there is no right to issue currency and must private banks to lend money to spend, but also to pay 8% interest, all principal and interest are settled in gold. When Mr Nathan was holding an overwhelming number of British public debt, he actually controlled the price of public debt, left and right the entire British money supply, the British economy is tightly squeezed in the hands of the Rothschild family.
Nathan made no secret fully satisfied or contented he conquered the Empire’s pride:
I don’t care what the England puppet is placed on the throne to rule this huge empire. Who controls the money supply of the British Empire, who control the British Empire, and this person is me!