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When the media day hype net worth 500 million dollars bill gates won the throne of the world’s richest man, if you believe you cheated. Because the people familiar with the so-called rich list, you simply can not find the “Avenue invisible” of the super rich, who figure, because they had strict control of the major Western media.
The so-called “hermit in the DPRK”. Today, the Rothschild family is still running a banking business, but if we randomly in the streets of Beijing or Shanghai asked 100 Chinese people, which may have 99 know the United States Citibank, and not necessarily have 1 know Rothschild bank.
Who is Rothschild? If a person engaged in the financial industry, never heard of the name Rothschild, like a soldier who do not know the name of Napoleon, the study of physics, people do not know Einstein is incredible. It is strange that this name is very strange to most of the Chinese people, but it is so great for the past, present and future of the Chinese people and the people of the world.
How much wealth is the Rothschild family? This is a world of mystery. The conservative estimate is $50!
Rothschild family in the end is how to make such an amazing wealth? This is the story of this chapter to tell you.
Strict family control, fully opaque black box operation, like clockwork of precise coordination, always early to market information acquisition, downright cold reason, endless desire for money, and based on all this money and wealth of insight and the genius of foresight, the Rothschild family in the world two hundred years of financial, political, and war cruel vortex invincible established a so far in human history the huge financial empire.

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