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Solomon at Austria

Solomon at Austria
There is no war and peace in the eyes of them (the Rothschild family), there is no slogan and declaration, nor sacrifice or honor, they ignore the things that confuse the eyes of the world. They saw only a stepping stone. Prince William is one, the next is Metternich.
– Merton Frederic
Solomon is the second of Rothschild’s home, the perennial shuttle between major cities in Europe, as the family of the coordination between the various banks. He has outstanding diplomatic skills in brothers, speak exquisite wording, a compliment. A Solomon and had dealings with the banker once commented: “no one left him was not refreshed.” It is for this reason that the brothers elected him to Vienna to open up the European heart of China banking.
Vienna was the political center of Europe, almost all of the royal family in Europe and Austria of the Habsburg empire countless relation. As the Habsburg holy Rome Empire (1806 breakup) royal rule including, now in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, northern Italy, Holland, Czech, Luxemburg, Slovenia and eastern France for more than 400 years, is Europe’s oldest and most authentic Royal blood.
Although the war Napoleon defeated the Holy Rome Empire, but its successor to central Austria still leading itself, disdain for other royal. In addition to its Orthodox Catholic doctrine, and the British law and other new teaching in the country to be more rigid, and so the noble family to deal with, than with Prince William more noble. Although the Rothschild family had several times to the Habsburg and establish business relations, the royal family has always been blocked in the circle, nor.
When Napoleon after the end of the war, Solomon again at the door of Vienna, the situation is completely different. The Rothschild family has become a famous family in Europe, with the spirit of the conquest of Britain and France, emboldened enough a lot. Despite this, Solomon also do not venture to direct and Habsburg people talk about business, but to find a piece of “stepping stone”, he is reputed nineteenth Century Europe’s foreign minister Metternich of Austria (Klemensvon Metternich).
After the defeat of Napoleon in Europe, the Vienna system led by the establishment of the system to maintain the longest period of peace in Europe in nineteenth Century. The unfavorable situation in Austria Metternich and the decline of potential enemies, to balance the essence of play to the extreme. He used the remnants of the Royal Habsburg in European orthodox appeal, hold neighboring Prussia and Russia consisting of the holy alliance, contain the French and Russian expansion to stage a comeback, restlessness, also formed a mechanism for joint suppression of domestic nationalism and liberalism, to ensure that the territory of Austria ethnic separatist forces do not spin out of control.
1818 Aachen meeting is to discuss the future of Europe after the defeat of Napoleon, an important meeting, from the British, Russian, Austrian, general, law and other countries on behalf of the French war claims and the withdrawal of allies and other issues. Solomon and his brother, Carle, attended the meeting. It was at this meeting, Metternich’s right hand Jens (Gentz) introduced, Solomon met Metternich, and soon Metternich and become the talk about friends. On the one hand Solomon clever and judicious praise that Metternich is extremely useful, on the other hand, Metternich also want to rely on the Rothschild family’s strong wealth, the two hit it off, and Solomon Jenkins is iron to.
In Metternich and Keith’s recommendation, and Rothschild and Prince William and the Danish royal family close business relationship, the Habsburg tall wall was finally over Solomon. The royal family began to be fixed and frequently to Solomon’s bank loans and financing, Solomon soon became a circle of people”. In 1822, Rothschild of Habsburg granted four brothers (except Nathan) the title of baron.
Under Solomon’s strong support, Metternich began to expand Austria’s influence, to send troops to trouble areas to defend peace, so that the original strength of Austria fell into a deeper debt mire, and thus more dependent on Solomon’s silver box. 1814~1848 years of Europe is known as the “Metternich era”, and in fact controlled Metternich is behind the Rothschild bank.
In 1822, Metternich, Jens and Solomon, James, Carle three brothers participated in the important Verona Conference (Congress Verona). After the meeting, Rothschild bank has received a huge interest in funding the first European Railway project. Austria people increasingly felt the influence of Rothschild, people began to smile “Austria has an emperor and a Solomon king ferdinand”. In 1843, Solomon acquired V kovice Mining Inc and what has ever become Austria Hungary smelting company, the two companies are among the world’s ten largest heavy industry company.
By 1848, Solomon has become the master of Austria’s financial and economic.