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Nathan dominates the city of London

Nathan dominates the city of London
They (the Rothschild family) is the master of the money market in the world, of course, is the master of almost all other things. They actually own the assets of the entire southern Italy area of financial revenue, and the kings and ministers of all countries in the region are listening to their teachings.
London is a large London area center of an area of only 2.6 square kilometers, since eighteenth Century has been the UK and the world’s financial center, it has an independent judicial system, and the Vatican is very similar, quite like a country. This tiny gathered, including the headquarters of the Bank of England, the world’s major financial institutions, created today’s UK GDP 1 / 6. Who dominates the city of London, who is in control of the uk.
Nathan first came to Britain in the British confrontation, mutual blockade. British goods in Europe selling price is very high, Nathan began and in France’s brother James teamed up with the goods smuggled out from England to France changed hands, from earned a lot of money. Later Nathan met Harris John, the British Treasury, to hear the British army in Spain’s predicament. The British commander of the Duke of Wellington was already well prepared in the attack, the only problem is the lack of pay. The Duke of Wellington despite the British government guarantees, but his worn out the tongue twisters is also difficult to convince bankers in Spain and Portugal to accept bank notes he took, the Duke of Wellington’s army is in urgent need to gold.
Nathan is determined to suddenly have a brain wave in this matter, made a lot of money. He asked about the source of gold, just the East India Company have a number of gold just shipped from India, ready to sell, and the British government also want to buy, but think the price is too high, want to wait for the price of gold fell to buy. Nathan touched the situation, immediately took him to Britain to fight the world’s 3000000 dollars in cash and the amount of money they have to earn a lot of money to buy British goods, the first and the East India Company traded, the purchase of 800000 pounds of gold [22], and then immediately raise the gold price. The British government saw gold prices do not fall down, the military and most urgent, only from the hands of Nathan in high priced purchase. This transaction allows Nathan to earn a pot full of.
But Nathan will continue to play a lianhuanji, he also proposed to escort this batch of gold to the Duke of Wellington’s army. At that time, France had a close blockade on the UK, the risk of this trip, the British government is willing to pay a high price to transport the gold. After you get the job, Nathan allowed his 19-year-old brother James informed the French government, Nathan to be shipped gold to the French and the British government may can be angry, because the stream of gold to France will greatly weaken the financial capacity of Britain. France has such a good thing, there is no strong support of the truth, immediately ordered the French police to protect the way, a way to release. See individual French officials have also been bribery tricks, pretend to be ignorant of sth..
So Nathan, who escorted the golden, British and French government support, mighty, strutted into the bank, in Paris, Nathan side to participate in a banquet of the French government, the side quietly sent to the gold in exchange for the Duke of Wellington to accept the gold, God, I do not know ghost not to become aware by Rothschild of the transport network shipped to Spain’s British hands. The way of catching the modern Hollywood movie plot ingenious.
“Rothschild is a great influence on the financial affairs of this place,” said a diplomat in the UK. They are completely around the price of foreign exchange trading in the city of London. As bankers, their power is frightening. When Nathan was angry, the Bank of England was trembling.”
One time, Nathan took his brother Amschel Rothschild bank in Frankfurt from check to the Bank of England exchanged for cash, banks to exchange the bank cheque grounds refused. Nathan flew into a rage, the second day early in the morning. He led a own nine bank clerk, with a large number of the Bank of England’s check and ask for cash gold, only a day makes the Bank of England’s gold reserves decreased significantly. On the second day, Nathan brings more checks, a senior executive of a bank, Nathan also exchange for a few days, Nathan coldly answer: “Bank of England refused to accept my check, why should I do it?” England bank immediately called an emergency meeting, and then the bank’s senior executives were very kind to tell Nathan, the Bank of England in the future will be honored to exchange all the checks of the Bank of Rothschild.
Nathan in the battle of Waterloo won dominance in the city of London, and to master the UK economy. Since then, including the issue of currency and gold prices and other crucial decisions, has been held in the hands of the Rothschild family.