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James conquered France

James conquered France
When a government depends on banker’s money, to grasp the situation would be a banker and leaders of the government is not, because to money hand is always higher than that of money hands. Money no country, financiers do not know what is patriotism and noble, their sole purpose is to profit.
Napoleon’s fifth sons, James, in the reign of Rothschild, mainly between London and Paris, the establishment of family transportation network to the British cargo. After helping the Wellington delivery of gold and British Treasury takeover battle in France, James fame. He founded the Rothschild Bank of Paris, and secretly funded the Spanish revolution.
In 1817, after his defeat at Waterloo. France lost vast territory of the Napoleonic wars, political limits to contain the situation, the national economy is increasingly depressed. Louis eighteen of the government around the loan, hoping to gradually gain a foothold in the financial. A bank of France and the UK bank of Bahrain has been a large number of the financing of the project, and eminent Rothschild bank is minglasunshan, James so angry.
By 1818, the government of Paris and other European cities have seen a rise in government bonds issued in the previous year, the French government has tasted the sweetness of the two banks to finance. Rothschild’s brother has no interest in the least. Originally, French nobles self-reliance parentage, noble descent, feel the Rothschilds but is a country bumpkin upstart, do not want to do business with them. Although James in Paris ostentatious, luxury clothes, but social status is not high, proud of the French aristocracy that James enraged.
James immediately and several other brothers began to plan the scheme of the French nobility. And the French aristocracy arrogant but not smart, but underestimated the Rothschilds excel in financial strategy and tactics, the strategist, winning thousands of miles of not less than Napoleon’s accomplishments in the military.
In November 5, 1818, the French government bonds has been steady rise suddenly started quite unusual to decline. Soon, the government’s other bonds have begun to be affected, the price of a different degree of decline. Market investors began to There were many discussions. Over time, the situation has not improved, but worse [24]. The exchange of discussions has gradually evolved into four. Some say Napoleon may be on stage again, and some say that the government’s fiscal revenue is not enough to pay back the interest.
Louis eighteen of the internal atmosphere is also quite nervous, bond if continue to decline sharply, the government will not raise the cost of future. Proud nobles face filled with sad, everyone is worried about the future of this country. Only two people on the side they are look coldly from the sidelines at James and his brother, Carle.
Because English lesson, slowly people began to doubt the Rothschild family in the manipulation of stock market. The actual situation is so. Starting in October 1818, the Rothschild family began with its strong financial backing, in Europe, the big cities quietly eat French bonds, French bonds gradually appreciated. Then, from the beginning of November 5th, they suddenly in Europe, while the volume of sales of French bonds, resulting in a great panic in the market.
Seeing their bond prices as free fall general slide into the abyss, Louis XVIII think his crown also subsequently and went to. At this point, the court Lee Rothschild family agent to the king counselled, why not let Fu Jia Tianxia Rothschild bank try to remedy the situation? The Louis eighteen to be anxious and preoccupied can not attend the royal status, immediately summoned the James brothers. The atmosphere changed, ignored for a long time James brothers everywhere was surrounded by smiling face and respect.
Sure enough, James brothers, a shot to stop the collapse of the bonds, they became the center of the French, after the French military defeat, they saved France from the economic crisis! Praise and flowers to the James brothers intoxicated, even their clothes style has become a popular fashion style. Their banks have become the place where people are competing for loans.
Thus, the Rothschild family completely control the French finance.
“Rothschild James’s wealth reached 600000000 francs. In France there is only one person whose wealth is more than he, and that is the king of France, whose wealth is 800000000 francs. The wealth of all the other French bankers is still less than 150000000 francs by James. This natural wealth gives him the indescribable power, even to the time can let the government cabinet collapse degree. For example, the government is as everyone knows he overturned the thiers.”