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Rothschild Napoleon of the Triumphal Arch and Waterloo

Rothschild Napoleon of the Triumphal Arch and Waterloo
Nathan is the third son of old Rothschild, and five brothers in the most daring one. In 1798, he was sent to England from Frankfurt to the UK to develop the Rothschild family’s banking business. Nathan is a conniving, decisive act from bankers, no one really knows his inner world. With amazing talent and unpredictable financial means, to 1815, he has become a London bank oligarchs come first on the list.
Nathan’s brother Amschel in Frankfurt to take care of the Rothschild family bank headquarters (M.A.Rothschildand sons and his brother Solomon in Vienna, Austria established family of another branch of the bank (S.M.Rothschildand sons and his brother Carl Italy Naples established another bank. His fifth son James in Paris, France also has a bank (Messieusde Rothschild Freres). The banking system created by the Rothschild family is the world’s first international banking group. The five brothers are watching closely the 1815 war in europe.
This is a major war with the destiny and future of the continent of Europe. If Napoleon had won the final victory, France would become the master of the continent of Europe. If the Lord Wellington defeated the French army, Na Ying will dominate the European balance of power.
As early as before the war, the Rothschild family was very much a vision to build their own strategic intelligence collection and delivery system. They build up a huge number of secret agents of the network, which is similar to those of strategic intelligence agents known as the “children”. They were deployed to all of Europe’s capitals, major cities, important trading centers and business centers, and various commercial, political and other information in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples. The intelligence of the system efficiency, speed and accuracy is reached breathtaking, far exceeding the speed of any official information network and other commercial competitors is hard to hold a candle. All of this makes the Rothschild bank in almost all international competition in a clear advantage.
“Rothschild bank carriage Benz in Europe) highway, the Rothschild banking boat shuttle between the Strait, the Rothschild bank’s spies all over the (European) city streets, they Chuaizhuo large amounts of cash, bonds, letters and messages, their latest scoop in the stock market and commodity market is quickly spread, but all the news are not the result of the battle of Waterloo is more valuable.”
June 18, 1815, in Brussels, Belgium, on the outskirts of the battle of Waterloo is not only life and death duel between Napoleon and Wellington both of the armies, is tens of thousands of investors in a huge gamble, and the winner will receive unprecedented wealth, the loser would be disastrous. The air of the London stock exchange market tension to the extreme, all the people are anxiously waiting for the outcome of the battle of Waterloo. If the British defeated. British bonds (Consols) prices will be falling into the abyss; if England wins, British government debt will triumph in the skies.
Just two teams quitting the army a bruising fight, the Rothschild’s spies also nervously from the two armies internal collected as accurately as possible all the progress of intelligence. More spies at any time is responsible for the most recent result from Rothschild recently transferred to the battlefield information transfer station. To the evening, Napoleon’s defeat has been set, a named rothworth Rothschild express courier witnessed the situation on the battlefield, he immediately riding a horse toward Brussels, then turn to the port of Ostend. When Ross Woods jumped on a boat with a special pass Rothschild clippers, it was midnight. Then the channel stormy, after paying for the 2000 francs in, he finally found the a sailor rushed to help him through the Strait [5]. When he arrived in England on the Bank of England in the early morning of June 19th, Rothschild Nathan himself was waiting there. Nathan quickly opened the envelope, browse the report title, and then rode straight to the London Stock exchange.
When Nathan walked into the stock exchange, anxious and agitated the crowd is waiting for the battlefield immediately quiet down, all people’s eyes watched Nathan’s expressionless, inscrutable face. At this time, Nathan slowed down the pace, go to their own is called the “Rothschild pillars” on the throne. At this time, his face as the muscles of the stone generally do not have the slightest emotional float. At this time of the trading hall has completely without the hustle and bustle of the past, everyone to their wealth and honor in the eyes of Nathan’s eyes. Paused for a moment, Nathan shouted at camouflage in the side of the Rothschilds traders handed a deep glances, we immediately quietly rushed to trading desk, began to sell British bonds. When a commotion in the hall, some people began to talk, more people stood still at a loss. At this time, equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars to Britain’s public debt was suddenly thrown into the market, bond prices began to decline, and greater left alone like the tide wave than a wave of violent, bond prices began to collapse.
Then Nathan was still on his throne without a look. The trading hall was finally issued exclaimed: “Rothschild knows!” “Rothschild knows!” “Wellington!” All the people immediately like electric shock generally back to the taste, the selling has finally become a panic. When people suddenly lose their sense of reason, follow others’ behavior becomes a kind of self compulsive behavior. Everyone wants to immediately throw hands has no value of British bonds, as much as possible to retain some of the wealth There is not much left. After a few hours of the crazy toss, the British public debt has become a pile of garbage, the face value is only 5%.
Nathan at this time as the beginning, is still indifferent to watch it all. His eyes were slightly flashing in a way that was not in the eyes of a long-term training, but the signal was totally different. Many traders around him immediately jumped on their trading desk, began to buy on the market to see every piece of British government bonds.
June 21, 11 o’clock in the evening, Henry Percy, a messenger of the Lord Wellington finally arrived in London, a message is Napoleon’s army in 8 hours after the bitter was completely defeated, the loss of 1 / 3 of the soldiers, the French finished!
The news Bineisen information late for a whole day! And Nathan in this day inside, Kuangzhuan 20 times the amount of money, more than sum of Napoleon and Wellington in decades of war the wealth!
The battle of Waterloo to Nathan has become one of the UK government’s biggest creditor, thus leading the UK’s future bond issue, the Bank of England was Nathan. British government bonds is the future government tax receipts, the British people to the government to pay all tax obligations and become the Rothschild banking to universal disguised tax. The British government’s fiscal expenditure is to rely on to issue bonds to raise the, in other words, the British government because there is no right to issue currency and must private banks to lend money to spend, but also to pay 8% interest, all principal and interest are settled in gold. When Mr Nathan was holding an overwhelming number of British public debt, he actually controlled the price of public debt, left and right the entire British money supply, the British economy is tightly squeezed in the hands of the Rothschild family.
Nathan made no secret fully satisfied or contented he conquered the Empire’s pride:
I don’t care what the England puppet is placed on the throne to rule this huge empire. Who controls the money supply of the British Empire, who control the British Empire, and this person is me!