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Old Rothschild’s first pot of gold

Old Rothschild’s first pot of gold
On February 23, 1744, Meyer – A – Bauer was born in Frankfurt Jewish ghetto. His father Moses is a flow of the goldsmiths and lenders, all year round in the eastern area to earn a living. When Meyer was born, Mose decided to settle down in Frankfurt. Meyer from childhood to show a remarkable IQ, the father of his great efforts, careful tuning, systematically to teach him about money and lending business knowledge. A few years after the death of Moses, Meyer was only 13 years old in relatives encouragement, come to Hannover European Oppenheimer family bank when the bank apprentice.
Meyer to its extraordinary savvy and diligence quickly mastered the bank operation of various types of specialized skills, in a full seven years of age, he, like a sponge absorbing water absorbing and digested from Britain to all sorts of financial industry of whimsy. Meyer was promoted to junior partner because of the excellent work. In the days when he worked in the bank, he met some of the background of the customer, including the development of a major role in the future of the von Stauffer. It is here, Meyer realized that the money to the government and the king to the king to the personal profit and insurance coefficient is much higher, not only the amount of the loan is much greater, more government tax to do mortgage. This new financial philosophy from the UK, Meyer’s mind.
A few years later, the young Meyer returned to Frankfurt and continued his father’s business. He also changed his name to Rothschild (Rothschild, Rot is Devin’s red, Schild is the meaning of the shield of Devin). When Meyer learned that von Stauffer returned to Frankfurt and works in the palace of Prince William, he immediately thought of using this relationship. When von Stauffer, general Meyer, was very glad to see it again. The general himself is a coin collectors, and Meyer study of money is several generations of ancestral, talking about the ancient coins of all is the familiar, heard straight general enraptured. Mayer would at a very low discount to sell a few pieces of rare coins to the general, soon von I Christopher general put Meiyedang confidant – let the general glad. The scheming Meyer quickly picks up important figures and court. Finally one day, the von I Christopher general introduction, William Prince summoned the Meyer, the original prince himself is a coin collector Mayer used the same means soon let the prince to his favor.
After several times at a low price sold to the prince of rare coins, the prince also feel too embarrassed, he asked Mayer has what it takes to help, Meyer to seize the opportunity to put forward to want to become a court official agent, he finally got his wish. On 21 September 1769, Meyer in his trademark is inlaid on the royal coat of arms, side with gold letters: “m – a Rothschild, HRH Prince William specified agent” [16]. For a time, Meyer’s reputation rose, business is booming.
Prince William himself is a man of wealth in history, in eighteenth Century, the European in order to “rent the military” to other countries to “maintain peace” and famous. He and all the European royal family are closely related, especially like and the British royal family business English because there are many overseas interests, often need to use of troops, and the number of its forces are not sufficient, British made more money, but also rarely default, so Prince William and hit it off. And later in the American War of independence, the German soldiers in Washington, d.. Prince William thus saved the largest royal family in the history of Europe, about 200000000 dollars. No wonder people say he is “Europe’s most cold-blooded loan sharks”.
Engaged in Prince William’s account, Meyer endeavour to put each errand to do perfect, so get the prince’s trust. Soon the French bourgeois revolution 1789~1799 outbreak, the tide of revolution from France gradually to the surrounding the monarchy spread. Prince William began to worry, he is more and more worried that the revolution will resonate in Germany, the mob will loot his wealth. Contrary to the idea of the prince, Meyer was very pleased with the French Revolution, because the panic led to his gold coins business rose. When the revolution was directed at the holy empire of Rome, Germany and the United Kingdom’s trade cut off, the price of imported goods, from the British trafficking in goods to Germany to sell Meyer made a pen.
Meyer has been a very active leader in the Jewish community. “Every Saturday night, when after the end of the synagogue worship Mayer will always invited some of the most intelligent Jewish scholars to his home, they gather together, while slowly drinking wine, while a detailed to discuss some of the things the order until the middle of the night.”
Meyer has a famous saying: “the family will gather together in prayer.” Later, people always make no understanding, is what kind of power to let the people of the Rothschild family, so obsessed with the conquest and power.
By 1800, the Rothschild family had become one of Frankfurt’s richest Jewish families. Meyer also won the title of “imperial Royal agency”, which was awarded by the emperor of Rome in this year. This title has enabled him to be able to pass through the various parts of the Empire, and he would have been exempted from all taxes and taxes on other Jews, and his company would be equipped with weapons.
In 1803, Meyer and Prince William’s relationship is increasingly close, so that the forces of Meyer greatly jump on a level. The thing is, a cousin of Prince William is the king of Denmark, he to Prince William proposed to borrow a sum of money, the Prince William even opulent is unwilling to engage. When Meyer learned about the matter, that is a very good opportunity to propose a solution to the prince, the prince, Meyer come forward to negotiate in the name of Rothschild to the Danish King loan, interest Meyer can be a commission. The prince thought carefully, think it is a good way, not only can not lend money and wealth. For Meyer, lending to the king is his dream of things, not only to get a stable return, but also to enhance the reputation of the great opportunity. The result was a great success. Immediately, and six of the Danish royal family loan through Meyer. Rothschild’s rise to fame, especially in close contact with the royal family he became known in europe.
After the Napoleonic tried to Prince William to his side, Prince William shilly Shally, unwilling to in uncertain situation prior to choose sides, and finally Napoleon announced “to clear away the Heth – Willa Cather (Prince William family) from the list of rulers of Europe”, immediately the French soldiers arrives, Prince William fled into exile in Denmark, fled before, a deal worth $300 million in cash pay [19] for keeping Meyer. Is this $300 million in cash for Meyer brought unprecedented power and wealth, become Mayer casting its financial empire in the first pot of gold.
Meyer has an ambition to build a bank of England! When he got Prince William the money, he began the task. His five sons like five guns were fired at five in the heart of europe. Boss, Amschel guarding Frankfurt headquarters, Dick Solomon to Vienna open up new battlefield, old Nathan was sent to England over the overall situation, four Carl went to Italy in Naples to establish base, and as a messenger between brothers, between the shuttle, Laowu James Chi palm business in Paris.
An unprecedented financial empire in human history has opened the curtain.