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Rothschild’s background of the times

Rothschild’s background of the times
A few people who understand the system (check money and credit money) are either very interested in the profit generated by the system, or that it is very much dependent on the charity of the system. On the other hand, the vast majority of the people in the intelligence is not enough to understand the huge advantage of the capital brought about by the system, they will be subjected to oppression and no complaints, and even a little bit will not doubt that the system has hurt their interests.
Old Rothschild’s growth in the industrial revolution in the rapid development of Europe, the era of unprecedented prosperity of the financial industry, the new financial practice and ideas from Holland and the United Kingdom to the whole of Europe radiation. With the establishment of the of England Bank in 1694, a far more complex than in the past, the concept and practice of money is a large number of adventurous bankers created.
In the 100 years of the 17th century, the concept and form of money have undergone profound changes, from 1694 to 1776, Adam Smith’s the wealth of nations “was published, in the history of mankind bank issued notes for the first time over the circulation of metal monetary aggregates [10]. Arising from the industrial revolution to the railway, mining, shipbuilding, machinery, textile, military, energy and other emerging industries unprecedented huge financing needs, and traditional goldsmith Bank of old inefficient and limited financing capacity between the increasingly intense contradictions. The new banker, represented by the Rothschild family, has seized the historic opportunity to take the lead in the history of the modern financial industry, and the fate of all the other people, and the fate of all the other people, had to be decided by this system.
Make the British Treasury empty since 1625 twice civil war and political unrest, 1689 William world entered the British (married Mary, the daughter of King James II to the throne) due to his face is a mess, and he and King Louis XIV is war, the William a world around for money, almost hungry. At this time, to Paterson William (Paterson William), led by the bank to the king put forward a new concept: the establishment of a private central bank, England bank, to finance the king’s huge expenses.
The private bank to the government to provide 120 million pounds in cash as the government’s “permanent debt” (perpetual loan), 8% per annum, an annual management fee for 4000 pounds, this year the government want to spend 10 million pounds can immediately raised to 120 million pounds in cash, but also can forever without debt money! Of course, the government should also provide more “good”, which is to allow the Bank of England exclusive issuing bank certificates (Note Bank).
For a long time, people know that the goldsmith banker (goldsmith banker) the most profitable is the issue of bank notes, the bank note is actually savers deposited gold at the goldsmiths for safekeeping receipt. Due to carry a lot of gold is very inconvenient, we began to trade in receipt of gold coins, then from the goldsmith exchange the corresponding gold. For a long time, people always feel no need to access the goldsmith gold, then these receipts gradually became the currency. Smart goldsmith bankers gradually found every day, only a few people to take the gold, they began to quietly issuing receipts to lend to the needs of people’s money and charge interest, when the debt with a promissory repaid with interest on arrears, Goldsmith bankers recovered IOU and then quietly destroyed, as if nothing had happened, but the interest has firmly installed into his own pocket. A goldsmith bank receipt circulation range more widely, the higher the degree of acceptance, the greater the profit. The circulation and acceptance of bank bonds issued by the Bank of England is not comparable to other banks, which is the national currency, which is recognized by the state.
The cash capital of the Bank of England is to be recruited to the community, and it is eligible to be a director of the Bank of England (Governor) for 2000 pounds. A total of 1330 people became shareholders of the Bank of England, 14 people became director of the bank, including Paterson William.
In 1694, the British king William, a world awarded the Royal Charter of the Bank of England (Charter Royal), the first modern bank was born.
The core idea of the Bank of England is to convert the king and the members of the royal family into a permanent debt of the country, with the national tax as collateral, the Bank of England to issue debt based national currency. As a result, the king money fight or enjoy the government money doing what you love to do things bankers released they so desperately huge loans and substantial interest income, seems to be a happy situation, only tax the people into the collateral. With this powerful new financial instrument, the British government’s deficit has risen, from 1670 to 1685, the British government’s fiscal revenue is 24800000 pounds. From 1685 to 1700, government revenues more than doubled, to 55700000 pounds, but the British government borrowing from the Bank of England from 1700 to 1685 soared more than 17 times, from 800000 pounds rose to 13800000 pounds.
Even better, the design of the national currency issue and permanent national debt deadlock. To add a new currency would have to increase the national debt, which is to destroy the national currency, the market will have no money in circulation, so the government will never be able to pay off the debt. Due to the repayment of interest and economic development needs, is bound to lead to greater monetary demand, the money also to bank borrowing, bonds will always continue to increase, and the debt interest income fall all the banker’s purse, interest expense is by people’s taxes to burden!
As expected, from now on, the British government has not paid off the debt, by the end of 2005, the British government debt from 1694’s 1200000 pounds increased to 525900000000 pounds, accounting for 42.8% of the UK GDP. [14]
In view of this, in order to such a huge sum of money, if there is anyone who dares to block the road of privatization of state banks, cut a king’s head, or the assassination of the risk of a plurality of president, is really worth to take a.